On the move #12, September 2012

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Occ crisis management
Next-generation led signal
Green seltrac cbtc
Integrated workstation
Etcs level 2 on-board system
Multi-capability bus stop
Web bus stop
Dream gate
Business analytics
Maintenance centre
Intelligent asset management


In addition, we are exhibiting an operation control centre (OCC) solution for crisis management. The OCC crisis management application is based on Thales Hypervisor technology and provides powerful tools, including visualisation, decision support and process automation, to assist users in a crisis. It also allows operators to model and simulate incidents.

We are exhibiting trackside solutions too – including our innovative next-generation LED signal prototype. This delivers all the benefits of a conventional LED railway signal, such as low maintenance costs, energy savings and longevity, but with a number of critical differences. These include user-defined colour output, advanced lamp-proving technology and unique optical supervision technology to control light output. 

Putting innovation to work

Rapid urbanisation and surging demand is placing huge pressures on rail operators and infrastructure managers. The challenges are significant: main line traffic is forecast to grow by 50% in the next decade while on the world’s metro networks, annual ridership already exceeds 40 billion.

To meet demand, operators need to significantly increase capacity and boost performance while reducing costs. There is also a growing need to capture energy savings and to enhance the overall safety and security of operations.

Advanced electronic solutions – for signalling, communications, supervision, security and ticketing – hold the key to achieving these goals.  At InnoTrans 2012, Thales is presenting a range of solutions and products that build on our leadership in these technologies. Some of these solutions are entirely new,

Helping customers to get the most
out of their infrastructure

For metro and urban rail operators using communications-based train control (CBTC), we are unveiling Thales’ Green SelTrac® CBTC– a breakthrough solution that can deliver energy savings of 15% or more. Green SelTrac® CBTC ensures run profiles are optimised, adjusts train speed to avoid unnecessary stops and coordinates train arrivals and departures to maximise the opportunity for regenerative braking.

Innovation you can rely on

Thales is a global leader in advanced electronic systems for transport, with number-one positions in signalling, ETCS for interoperable main line operations and CBTC (communications-based train control) for metro and urban rail. We are also number one in integrated supervision systems.

Our ability to deliver is backed by 80 years serving the needs of transport customers. Thales has operations in 56 countries with 7,000 specialists and a network of competence centres and integration centres throughout the world.

others are evolutions of existing Thales’ technologies;
all have been developed to help customers get the most out of their infrastructure.

What's new at InnoTrans 2012?

We unveil our new compact and flexible ETCS Level 2 on-board system– a milestone development that consolidates Thales’ position as an end-to-end ETCS (European Train Control System) supplier. Our ETCS Level 2 demo brings together key on-board vehicle components and includes a demonstration of our innovative browser-based diagnostics application.

Visitors will also get a chance to see our new integrated workstation for main line operations. This is a sophisticated centralised solution which links signalling, planning and
traffic management. It eliminates functional silos and
provides a single user interface, with automation of
routine tasks and the ability to control local
operations using a tablet PC.


For more information, contact us at transportation@thalesgroup.com


Enhanced passenger satisfaction:
interview with Margareta Freitas,
Passenger Information Product
Line Manager, Thales

How do you encourage people to leave their cars at home and take public transport instead?

Public transport operators and public transport authorities face a number of complex, interlinked challenges. These include the need to promote modal shift, cut congestion and keep pace with fast-changing passenger expectations.

Transport operators also need deeper insights into their networks, with reliable statistics on passenger behaviour and network utilisation. They also need tools to combat fraud. All of these objectives must be achieved against a background of growing budgetary pressures.

Multimodal expertise

Thales helps operators to achieve their goals with multimodal fare collection solutions and advanced passenger information systems. Thales is a world leader in these technologies, with implementations in more than 100 cities and a unique position as the world’s only provider of nationwide multi-operator fare collection systems.

At InnoTrans, Thales is showcasing a range of multimodal solutions that boost capacity and help to create a more attractive environment for passengers.  “We’re focusing on two hot topics: how passengers can get information about multimodal transport and how to pay for your trip,” says Margareta Freitas, Passenger Information Product Line Manager, ICS Business Line, Thales.

What’s new at InnoTrans 2012?

The purpose of Thales’ demonstration at InnoTrans is to show how the integration of multimodal building blocks not only helps to create an enhanced passenger experience, but also helps operators to improve efficiency. Real-time information and ticketing services are shown in various ways for different multimodal scenarios.

Thales’ new multi-capability bus stop demonstrator is one of the solutions being showcased. This product prototype brings together CCTV for enhanced security, a PA system and a passenger display screen for information and advertising. In tandem with this, Thales is exhibiting its web bus stop – a cost-effective solution that provides easy online access to transport resources using NFC phones or smartphones.

Visitors can also experience Thales’ new Dream Gate – a high-performance passenger barrier for metros with innovative 3D imaging to combat fraud, a space-saving design and payment via any fare media, including EMV and smartphone NFC.

Real-time information updates for all of the solutions on show at InnoTrans are managed via a single browser-based platform – Thales’ APIS. This provides operators with a simple way to create, distribute and present transport-related information. 

Passenger experience is the key to modal shift

The demonstration includes a tablet PC interface that allows operators to manage their information network while on the go.

Visitors to the stand will also get a chance to explore Thales’ home and workplace solutions – including the Marseille multimodal transport website, which provides users with real-time city travel information. This solution can be enhanced to include online ticket sales.

Towards the smart city

As the number of cars worldwide heads towards one billion, user-friendly multimodal solutions like these will be vital if the quality of life in cities is to be enhanced and urban gridlock averted.

“Smart cities rely on the convergence and integration of building blocks, such as passenger information and ticketing, for the creation of new citizen-centric services,” says Ms Freitas. “Passenger experience is the key to modal shift. This is turn is a cornerstone for attractive cities and a sustainable future.”

For more information, contact us at


Data driven management

At InnoTrans, we focus on tools and services that allow customers to extract new insights from existing data. These solutions not only make it possible to enhance the efficiency of maintenance and operations, but also meet the need for easy and transparent management of service level agreements and KPIs. 

What’s new at InnoTrans 2012?

Among the solutions on show at InnoTrans is Thales’ Maintenance centre for preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance. A key feature is its ability to provide incident support for in-service failures – for example, when a signal lamp or interlocking component fails. The solution includes alarm handling, the generation of electronic work orders for mobile maintenance teams, spares management and sign-off on resolution. The solution supports performance-centred SLAs and it is used on main line networks in Turkey and Mexico; in Spain, it is deployed on both the high-speed and main line networks managed by ADIF.

We are also demonstrating our service-proven Intelligent Asset Management (IAM) solution. Already deployed throughout the main line network in the United Kingdom, IAM remotely monitors critical assets such as points and track circuits. Early warnings generated by the system make it possible to intervene before assets fail in service, thus dramatically improving revenue service performance. IAM can be used to monitor both trackside and on-board systems.

The ability to obtain insights from existing data is an area of increasing interest and it’s one where customers are starting to unlock real value. Our ViewTrac solution for metro and urban rail operators underlines this point. ViewTrac digs deep into the data generated by communications-based train control (CBTC) systems to unlock new insights, identify problems early and optimise the maintenance of both trackside infrastructure and trains.

Data mining has the potential to benefit transport operators of all types. Thales’ Business Analytics provides deep insights into the way networks are used by unlocking the hidden wealth of information from transactional data generated by fare collection systems. The insights revealed fulfil a range of business needs, from better targeting of sales and marketing campaigns to improved passenger services, increased passenger satisfaction, enhanced revenues and better long-term planning.

At your service

Thales offers a comprehensive Services Portfolio to provide customers with fully-fledged services solutions tailored to their needs. Our Services Portfolio encompasses:

• L1/L2/L3 maintenance services
• Spare parts supply and management
• Repair and return
• Training
• Expert services
• Service tools
• 24/7 helpdesks
• System enhancement and upgrades
• Life extension and obsolescence programmes
• Secure data centres and hosting

Meeting operational and
business needs

Transport networks are now more complex than ever. From signalling and train control to fare collection and supervision, operators increasingly depend on access to specialist skills and know-how to get the most out of their systems and infrastructure.

Services play an ever-more important role in meeting this need. Thales has led the way in the provision of expert services for main line, metro and high speed rail for more than 20 years.

Today, our services offer is broader and deeper than ever, encompassing everything from traditional maintenance and spare parts supply to advanced asset management, diagnostics and business analytics.

For more information, contact us at transportation@thalesgroup.com