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14 | 09 | 2012

Dream gate

A new high-performance passenger gate from Thales

Ticket barriers play a frontline role in delivering efficient operations in today’s busy metro networks. Operators need gates that allow them to introduce new fare media easily, restrict fraud and provide smooth passenger flows.

Thales’ new state-of-the-art ticket barrier answers all of these needs. “On top of a novel and innovative design, the Dream Gate brings major benefits for the operator,” says Etienne Chevreau, Marketing Manager, Revenue Collection Systems, Thales. “One of these is improved passenger counting, which is essential to combat fraud.”


Dream Gate accepts any fare media

To make the most of  valuable
concourse space, Thales' Dream
Gate features a slim and innovative

Passenger movement around ticket barriers is often complex, which makes fare evasion difficult to detect. A common example of this is tailgating, when two or more people try to get through the ticket barrier using a ticket intended for only one person.

To combat misuse, the Dream Gate incorporates an advanced 3D imaging system. As passengers pass through the gate, overhead cameras automatically evaluate the scene, distinguishing between legitimate and fraudulent use.

Enhanced capacity

To make the most of valuable concourse space, Thales’ Dream Gate features a slim and innovative design. The gate support pillars are a slender 160mm in width – narrower than an outstretched hand. 

"Space is a valuable commodity in metro stations, so we’ve made the design much more compact,” explains Mr Chevreau. “That means more gates in a row, more space for other station equipment and better passenger flows.”

Pay at the gate

Keeping pace with passenger expectations is a priority for transport operators everywhere. Dream Gate meets this need, providing travellers with multiple ways to pay for their journeys.

“Dream Gate accepts any fare media,” says Mr Chevreau. “As well as conventional smart cards, our solution allows travellers to pay for journeys with contactless EMV cards. The system also supports NFC, so passengers can use their smartphones as tickets.”

The gate incorporates an intuitive user interface. The contactless touch-in target is tilted for easy access with an integrated passenger display, so travellers can keep track of key information, such as their balance status.

Operations made easy

Dream Gate is compatible with any existing ticketing system. And its advanced modular architecture is designed to provide years of trouble-free operation. Software control of gate motors provides unprecedented control, with automatic or remote opening and differentiated baffle resistance depending on passenger flow.

To reduce life cycle costs, Thales has designed the Dream Gate with easy maintenance in mind. Key components, such as gate stanchions and baffles, are standardised. And thanks to wireless connectivity, routine maintenance tasks – such as component checking and access to e-documentation – can be carried out remotely using a tablet computer.

A stylish solution

With its slim but robust design and generous use of glazed panelling, Dream Gate proves that frontline infrastructure can be elegant as well as functional. This helps to create a more welcoming station environment.

“When a passenger enters a metro station, the first piece of equipment they notice is usually the ticket barrier,” notes Mr Chevreau. “It is an important part of the user experience, so it must function perfectly. The attractive and transparent design is a bonus.”

• Accepts any fare media – smart cards, EMV and NFC mobile
• High throughput – up to 60 users per minute
• Combats fraud – with 3D camera technology
• Space-saving design – gate pillars are just 160mm wide
• Easy maintenance – standardised modular construction
• Deploy anywhere – compatible with any existing ticketing system

Download brochure: Dream Gate


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