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14 | 09 | 2012


End-to-end support for main line rail maintenance

Main line infrastructure managers face a number of challenges. These include the need to identify problems quickly, extend the life of vital assets, improve the efficiency of maintenance operations and reduce costs. 

With maintenance increasingly delivered in accordance with service level agreements (SLAs), there is also a greater need for transparency. Both network managers and maintainers need solutions that not only improve response to incidents, but also provide deeper insights into long-term trends.

Thales’ Maintenance Centre

Deployed on main line networks in Turkey, Mexico and Spain, including the Spanish high-speed network, Thales’ IT-based 

Predictive maintenance means the overall number of incidents is down by 50%”

Managing the complete life       
cycle of an incident is made easy      
and simple  

NetTrac 6618 Maintenance & Diagnostic Centralised System (Maintenance Centre) plays a major role in ensuring railway networks perform at peak efficiency.

The solution provides support for preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance, with centralised diagnostics that allow operators to monitor field elements at any scale – from a single line to an entire network.

“Thales’ Maintenance Centre delivers a number of important benefits,” explains Ana María Millán Marín, Head of R&D Tools, Diagnostic & Operation Railway Systems, Thales Spain. “One of these is the ability to respond rapidly to incidents and resolve them quickly to minimise delays. The system is also capable of ‘learning’, with predictive functions that mean the overall number of incidents is progressively reduced.”

Assistance every step of the way

In-service failures are a major headache for operators everywhere and effective management is vital. With Thales’ Maintenance Centre, managing the complete life cycle of an incident – from detection to correction – is made fast, safe and simple.

Take the example of a routine incident, such as a signal lamp failure. With Thales’ Maintenance Centre, the incident is detected immediately, with an automatically generated alarm delivered to the operator’s workstation in the control centre. The alert includes a pop-up window and audio alarm, with incident location details pinpointed using an on-screen map.

The system simultaneously sends an email notification to the administrator and an SMS text message to alert maintenance teams. 

To drive the process forward, the system creates a work order, accessible to teams out in the field using mobile devices, such as tablet PCs. Mobile devices also allow maintenance staff to access technical drawings and manuals to help them get the job done. When the work is complete, the same platform allows trackside staff to close the incident.

Building network knowledge

Data gathered from each incident is captured and processed to provide post-event insights. This means that every incident contributes to a deeper understanding of the network, with valuable lessons that allow response procedures to be continuously improved.

“The solution takes advantage of big data analytics for prediction and in the continuing ability to tailor budgets and plans,” says Ms Millán Marín. And it’s an approach that gets results. “Incident response times are reduced by 30-70%. In addition, predictive maintenance means the overall number of incidents is down by 50%.”

• Total support – preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance
• Fast learning curve – with guided troubleshooting
• Intelligent – Maintenance Centre ‘learns’ from incident history
• Adaptable – from a single line up to an entire network
• Service proven – deployments in Spain, Turkey and Mexico
• Reduced inventory – 30% fewer spares required

Download brochure: NetTrack 6618 Maintenance Centre
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