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14 | 09 | 2012


Thales’ state-of-the-art bus stop transforms urban travel

Creating an attractive environment for travel promotes modal shift. In the case of bus travel, real-time passenger information and improved security at bus stops can make all the difference.

Thales’ multi-capability bus stop is a product prototype demonstrator that highlights how these needs can be met. “For InnoTrans, we are showcasing our high-end bus stop for the first time,” says Margareta Freitas, Passenger Information Product Line Manager, ICS Business Line, Thales. “It is a compact integrated bus stop, rich in functionalities, and it is actively managed.”

The multi-capability bus stop eliminates uncertainty 

A cost-effective and compact 
solution that requires a minimum of
street space.

Better informed

The multi-capability bus stop eliminates uncertainty by providing answers to the questions passengers worry about most: when is the next bus due? Are there delays on connecting services? Is there an alternative route I can take?

Real-time passenger information at the bus stop is provided using both a visual display and a public address system. Live, automated and scheduled messages are relayed in both audio and text to meet the needs of all passengers, including people with sight and hearing impairments. 

The solution also allows operators to add location-specific information, for example, how to get to museums and local landmarks – even specific events. Enhancements of this sort add value in urban centres, where a significant proportion of bus users are often visitors or tourists. Operators can also include advertising streams to generate extra revenue.

Winning hearts and minds 

As well as offering live information, Thales’ multi-capability bus stop also provides valuable passenger assurance, with integrated CCTV to create an oasis of security in the street environment.

That’s critical, because worries about personal safety deter many would-be public transport users. While the public transport environment in most cities poses a relatively low risk, perception is vital. If passengers feel safe, they’re more likely to leave their cars at home and take the bus instead. 

Making new connections

Active management of the multi-capability bus stop – including information updates – is made possible by dedicated Wi-Fi connectivity. This allows operators to control the flow of passenger information in real time.

“The heart of such active management is typically the OCC – the operation control centre,” says Ms Freitas. “In the demo, we show how many of these tasks can also be carried out by the operator while on the move using a tablet computer with Thales’ browser-based APIS software.”

Thales’ multi-capability bus stop is a cost-effective and compact solution that requires a minimum of street space. And it underlines the potential of information technology to transform the perception – and reality – of bus travel. “The multi-capability bus stop eliminates uncertainty,” observes Ms Freitas. “This allows passengers to plan with confidence.”



• Real-time information – via passenger display and PA
• Connected – Wi-Fi link for cost-effective communications
• Secure – built-in CCTV for passenger assurance
• Compact – saves valuable urban space

Download brochure: Multi-capability bus stop


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