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14 | 09 | 2012


Smartphones bring real-time information to life

A growing number of cities are investing in real-time passenger information systems. But distributing this information can be an expensive business – especially on large transport networks.

Information made easy

Thales’ web bus stop is a low-cost solution that requires no technical equipment. Instead, each bus stop is supplied with a unique QR (quick response) code or NFC (near field communication) tag. 

To access information, all travellers need to do is capture the QR code or swipe the NFC tag with their smartphones. This opens a location-specific web resource via the phone’s browser to display the arrival times of the next buses due at the stop.


The web bus stop is a
win-win solution


The system is already being used successfully in the city of Marseille in the south of France.

By providing extra QR codes or tags, operators can easily provide access to additional web services for passengers, including ticket sales and local tourist information. Web resources are triggered automatically – either optically or by wireless – so there is no need to type in a URL or location data.

Power to the passenger

With smartphone penetration rates now heading for 50%, the mobile internet creates huge new opportunities for transport operators to engage with passengers and deliver new services. The web bus stop is a win-win solution – allowing transport operators get more out of their existing infrastructure and meeting new passenger expectations at the same time.

• Instant real-time information – via QR codes and NFC tags
• Meets passenger expectations – with easy smartphone access
• Delivers connectivity – no extra hardware required





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