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Thales - Live from InnoTrans 2012

Published by: Thales Group
Published on: 21 September 2012


Thales - Live from InnoTrans 2012


Solutions for the smart city

Discover, from the citizen's point of view, how the interconnected smart city provides more efficient everyday services and improves the quality of life.


Thales Transportation Systems: a unique track record

Innovation at the core of global mobility
Thales is committed to providing its customers with technological solutions and services to operate their infrastructure at higher capacities and with ever greater efficiency.


Integrated workstation for centralised and mobile operation

Interview with Volkmar Heuer, Thales.
Thales’ integrated workstation eliminates signalling-related silos and creates new synergies between heterogeneous systems.


Enhanced passenger satisfaction... by Thales

Interview with Margareita Freitas, Thales. The purpose of Thales’ demonstration at InnoTrans is to show how the integration of multimodal building blocks not only helps to create an enhanced passenger experience, but also helps operators to improve efficiency.


Green SelTracĀ® CBTC

Smart train control yields major energy savings